EU – China Workshop (MOST)

First  Workshop
EU-china Workshop organized between EU/RTD and China (MOST)
20-21th of May in Tianjin,  China.

•To learn more on the partners of the participating projects
•To establish personal contacts between projects partners on both sides
•To identify issues of common interest for possible cooperation
•To agree on the following stages of EU-China knowledge exchange

Draft Programme of the two-day workshop
•Day 1 (morning and afternoon) – Introduction (MoST and EC), presentation by EU and Chinese projects about the respective activities and possible suggestion of joint activities
•Day 2 (morning) – site/labs visit
•Day 2 (afternoon) – exchange of views, conclusions, next steps

EU projects
 •Hi-C – Novel in situ and in operando techniques for characterization of interfaces in electrochemical storage systems
•SIRBATT – Stable Interfaces for Rechargeable Batteries
•BACCARA – Battery and super-capacitor characterization and testing
•INFLUENCE – Interfaces of Fluid Electrodes : new conceptual explorations

MoST projects
•Project 1 – Lithium ion secondary battery interface characteristics
•Project 2 – High Capacity polyaniline / carbon composite electrode material development
•Additional projects / researchers [TO BE COMMONLY AGREED]